Do You Long to Know the Current of Love and Power that Lives in You?

Do you sense there is an ancient holy mystery that dwells inside your body?

Are you hungry to taste this moment as living prayer and devotion?

Are you ready to be initiated into the embodiment of your deep sexuality?

You are not alone.

So many women are rising up doing incredible spiritual practice and personal growth work.

Yet many sense that there is something in their sexuality that must be fully turned towards in order to become the embodied, powerful women that they are. 

Many women intuitively know that there is a deep and holy mystery inside of their sexuality.

And for many women, this knowing cannot be ignored any longer.

The Deep Feminine is an expression of pure sexuality:

Pure Love, Crazy Wisdom, Deep Receptivity, Wild Innocence and Profound Connection With the Sacredness at the Heart of Existence.

This Course is For you IF: 

*You want to know the Real of Sacred Sexuality beyond technique (and you sense it’s about so much MORE than just sex)

*You resonate with the Bhakti, Priestess “Lover of the Beloved” Devotional Spiritual Path

*You want to integrate your “good girl people pleaser” with your “sovereign independent badass” 

*You long to integrate your sexuality beyond the bedroom into your devotional love affair with life itself

*You want to experience union with the mature inner Masculine and Feminine, serving and supporting each other

*You want to heal the split between sex and the sacred, power and love, eroticism and innocence 

*You want to learn real ancient Tantric Technologies for accessing Bliss or “god” within the body

*You feel burnt out by the masculine hustle and want to devote yourself to remembering and valuing the Feminine in you

*You hunger for a spiritual practice that celebrates your womanhood and goes beyond the conceptual into a direct experience of Love Power Wisdom Mystery and Aliveness

*You want to learn how to access your deep intuition and crazy wisdom

*You long to harness your effortless creative power and the artistic expression of your soul

*You want to know the secrets to the Feminine ways of wisdom, spirituality, sexuality and Love

*Your Belly, Heart, Sex and Soul Open and feel ALIVE when you read these words

In a world so disconnected from the True Deep Feminine… Cultivating intimacy with the Deep Feminine current is a radical revolutionary force of change in our lives and in the world!

Celebrate your love. Discover the sacred in your sex. Awaken your power and erotic vitality.

Welcome to Holy Fire: Resurrecting the Deep Feminine

This is my journey. And it can be yours too.

My poetry. My wisdom. My spiritual connection. All arise from this source. It is available to every woman. And it is my gift and my passion to initiate women into the Deep Feminine Mystery that is your birthright.

~ Course Details ~

Dates: Oct 11-Nov 15th 2019

Weekly group calls are recorded

6 Two Hour Calls With Maya and Access to Recordings After

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A Plethora of Course Materials: Word Documents, Video Demonstrations and MP3 Guided Meditations and Practices

An Online Community Facebook Page and Small Group Integration Circles Following Each Call

3 Bonus Talks with Incredible Guest Speakers: Sasha Benedetti, Esi Wildcat, Dakini Shima

Q: “Do I need to be present for every live call? What if my time zone prohibits this?”

A: You can choose to attend all the live calls or use this course as a go-at-your-own-pace exploration. All recorded calls and materials and practices are yours to keep forever.

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Working with Maya is mind-blowing. I never knew how much shame and “stuff” I was carrying in regards to being a woman in the world. I learned so much about the power of the Deep Feminine and how I can switch my energy in a second. I highly recommend working with Maya, even if you think you’re already really in touch with your femininity. There’s so much more to discover, explore and revel in!
— Elaine Williams, Captivate the Crowd

Although the Feminine Essence dwells within all life forms and all humans, the body of Woman holds the deepest transmission of the Feminine current which is the Tantric Revelation:

The body as the doorway to God.

Women's bodies literally birth.

The body of woman is the vehicle which can bring spirit, the formless, the soul, down into matter.

Matter which is the root of the word Mother.

In Resurrecting the Deep Feminine we become the birthers of the Feminine Essence, bringing the Tantric Current back to the earth. Blessing these parched lands with the nourishment of Soul that is SHE.

We transform our bodies into the Chalice

The bridge

Bringing Heaven down to Earth. As your life. Your path.


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Holy Fire: Resurrecting the Deep Feminine
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Course Content

Week 1-2: The Deep Feminine

  • Tantra as the Path of the Feminine

  • Reframing “Patriarchy” as the Shift into a Paradigm of Masculine Values, Consciousness and Embodiment

  • How the Deep Feminine Has Been Lost and Distorted

  • Meeting and Working with the Inner Masculine

  • Re-Wilding into the Spiral Body

  • Experiencing how the 5 Essential Qualities of the Feminine are opened to inside the Body

  • The Secret Truth of Feminine Power

  • The Female Body as Portal to the Deep Feminine Transmission


Week 3-4: The Flame and The Rose

  • The Deep Feminine as the Union of the Body and God, Eros and Love, Power and Innocence

  • Understanding the Madonna/Whore Split at the root of Patriarchy

  • Uncovering your Personal History with the Shadow Archetypes of the Madonna and the Whore

  • Unifying Love and Sexuality to Awaken the Erotic Devotional Heart

  • Discovering the Pure Essence of the Madonna and the Whore as Essential Aspects of the Feminine: The Flame and the Rose

  • Marrying the Madonna and the Whore as the Embodied Alchemy for Becoming God’s Lover: Deep Passion with Purity of Heart & The Activation of Crazy Wisdom

Week 5-6: Becoming the Chalice

  • Inner Tantric Yoga as a Lovemaking with Existence/Self/God

  • Embodying Holy Love, Primordial Eros And Spacious Awareness

  • Accessing the Infinite Source of True Nourishment

  • Activating the Inner Body as a Chalice for Deep Listening, Erotic Innocence and Giving/Receiving the Nectar of Life

  • Awakening the Radiant Body of Love

  • Becoming the Priestess in Devotion and Service to the Sacred Heart of Existence

  • Restoring the World Soul through Incarnating Feminine Essence


Refund Policy: A 50% refund policy may be awarded to anyone who by extenuating circumstances needs to drop out of the course by October 19th 2019. After 10/19/2019 no refunds shall be awarded.