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The Sacred Wound

She is the Wild Blossoming and Breaking Open of Impermanence.


 The Ever-Changing Nature of Reality and Ourselves.


The Groundless Ground of Incarnation,


Revealing The Preciousness of Existence.


A Condition Only Bearable, Through Love

A Human Being is An Embodied Paradox


Of Divine and Wounded.


Broken and Whole.

The Medicine of Wisdom and Compassion Pours From


The Well of The Sacred Wound. 

Poem Transmissions on
The Sacred Wound


Get a Taste of the Sacred Wound Gateway Here:


The Sacred Wound and the Deep Feminine Heart

Upcoming Events on the Sacred Wound Gateway

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A deep dive into...

The Goddess of Love, Deep Feminine Spirituality, The Venus Path & The Sacred Magic of being a Woman. Click here to join.


Is a community gathering space to lay down our fixing and striving, celebrate the universal truths shared within our human experience and taste the sacraments of both grief and joy. 


Click here to come and commune with the divine presence that dwells within the sacred mess of being alive. 

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