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The Book

by Maya Luna

OMEGA: Feral Secrets of the Deep Feminine


"Not since reading the ancient Gnostic poem 'Thunder Perfect Mind' have I heard such honest lightning that sounds as if it arose from my own Source.


Maya's voice is so clear and luminous that it slices to the silence at my core, and opens up the grace of Being As Is. This is poetry that penetrates to the heart of truth." 

- Alfred K. Lamotte 

(author of 'Wounded Bud: Poems for Meditation,' and 'Savor Eternity One Moment At A Time')

The Venus Path


Explore the introductory essence to the Venusian Spiritual Path and the Seven Gateways of the Venus Initiation as channeled and received by Maya Luna. 


A new vision of the first religion: The Sacred Heart of the Goddess of Love and Her Wild Red Mystery. 

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