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The Venus Path

The Seven GATEWAYS of the Venus Initiation
Seven Aspects of The Goddess of Love



These are the Seven Aspects of The Goddess of Love. 

Seven Doorways Into Embodied Goddess Consciousness.

Seven Paths of Reconnection to the Body of Incarnate Love.


As We Weave Our Body Back Into Her Body...

Each Gateway Brings Us Closer to Her in a Visceral, Tangible Way.


The Venus Path book


Explore the introductory essence to the Venusian Spiritual Path and the Seven Gateways of the Venus Initiation as channeled and received by Maya Luna. 


A new vision of the first religion: The Sacred Heart of the Goddess of Love and Her Wild Red Mystery.

Upcoming Events on the venus path

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VENUS CHVRCH is a monthly event that happens once a month on the New Moon. Your membership includes immediate access to 5 recorded mythopoetic journeys from past events at Deep Feminine Mystery School


You can join or end your membership any time

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