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Deep Feminine Mystery School

Home of The Venus Path™

The Deep Feminine Mystery School is in Devotion to the Goddess of LOVE AND Her Mystery School of Incarnation

Sand Dunes

Explore Offerings

Venus Chvrch

Join the Deep Feminine Sermons. VENUS CHVRCH is a monthly event beginning at the start of the new Venus Cycle. Join any time..

The Venus Path Book

Explore the introductory essence of the Venusian Spiritual Path and the Seven Gateways of the Venus Path as channeled and received by Maya Luna. 

Embodiment Practices

Enter The Deep Feminine Current of Reality.

Experience the Presence of Divine Immanence  through embodied-meditation journeys. For all Humans.

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“The Body and Heart don’t want to witness the moment.
They have no need to detach from this world.
The Body and Heart rejoice in their entanglements with life.
For they long to be touched and tasted and known.

They have no need to observe.

The Body and Heart want to Make Love

- Maya Luna

☽ Maya Luna ☾

Maya Luna is an Artist and Channel for the Lineage of Venus.


She offers her transmissions in the form of Written and Spoken Word Poetry, Teachings and Embodiment Practices. 


She is the creator of The Venus Path™, a modern adaptation of an ancient Fertility Goddess Spiritual Path that works with Sensuality, The Body, The Deep Heart, Passionate Energy and the Incarnate Human Experience to enter the living current of creation that is The Goddess.


She Has One Book of Poetry, Two Spoken Word Poetry Albums and One Book on The Venus Path Available Now.

Holy Grail: Her resurrection

The Second Debut Spoken Word Poetry Album by Maya Luna.

With Music and Soundscapes by Entheo.


Come Home to Your Heart, Your Body and Your Life as Holy Ground 

Who Is The Goddess of Love?

While She is Best Known As Venus, Inanna, Ishtar and Aphrodite...

She Is Before and Beyond All Names.

She is A Dynamic, Living Current of Presence.

The One Being at the Heart of The Mystery of Creation We Call Life.


The Venus Spiritual Path is Ancient. It Predates the Written Word and the Father God Religions. 


It is rooted in the Mysteries of Mother Matter:

The Pathways of Divinity Woven into the Organic Design of Incarnation.

While nearly all modern spiritual paths have centered on the Transcendent, Venusian Spirituality is rooted in the Revelation of Divine Immanence.


The Goddess of Love Sanctifies The Body, The Heart and the Human Experience as Holy. 

She Reveals that these are the Doorways into the Sacred. 




Working with Maya has been a feeling of “coming home” back into the vibrant nourishing and always available holding of the Deep Feminine Current of Reality. Through her work I have been continuously invited deep into my core, awoken into presence with fierce truth speaking, and transformed by a devotional acceptance of what simply is. It is this devotion to turning towards myself and my humanity with compassion and nourishment of my own body and heart that has been such a precious gift. I cannot imagine anything more healing in these significant times on Earth than reestablishing and cultivating our courageous capacity to honestly and intimately engage with Life itself. And it’s this capacity that Maya’s transmission of the Feminine Wisdom brings us.
— Paulina

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