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The Inner Temple Experience 

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Receive Intimate Guidance, Support and Direct Activation From Maya To Step Into Your Full Potency As A Feminine Creatrix...

The Oracle Inner Temple Has Two Options...

- Join a Circle With 7 Other Women For 3 Months 

- Meet With Maya 1:1 In A Private Custom Designed Experience (One Month Minimum)

I've spent 20 years on the path of the Oracle...
Creating Profound Art and Wisdom Transmissions for the Body Heart and Soul..
I've navigated persecution wounds, going viral on the internet and the strange paradox of being both a person and portal, human and channel
I've learned that this World is starving for Feminine Wisdom 
And I've discovered through many initiations, blood, sweat and tears how to birth powerful creations into the world That speak straight to the heart 

I want more women to activate the world and resurrect the feminine wisdom of the oracle...

Come Create With Me...


You know something powerful lives within you. A potent voice and creative instinct.

You have a gift....

And this gift is aching to be supported and nurtured into full bloom.

Deep down you know you are a ​wisdom keeper, soul activator, medicine carrier and Artist. 

You know you are here to initiate, heal and inspire through your creations. 

You might even feel you are a channel for energy you don't understand or is bigger than what you know what to do with... 

You know your offerings, art and creative visions would be profoundly supported to have my mirroring, encouragement and guidance in service to your unique Gift...

You're ready for a Creative Doula and Midwife to take your creation to the next level.

Step into the Inner Oracle Temple with me....


-Discover The Type of Wisdom Keeper, Channel and Oracle You Are


-Learn New Ways of Channeling and Transmitting Deep Feminine Wisdom, Power, Beauty and Love

-Get Intimate Intuitive Guidance From Maya on Clarifying Your Unique Oracular Voice and Style

-Be Supported in Working Through Fears of Persecution, Believing in Your Brilliance and Being Fully Expressed

-Receive Inner Secrets From Maya On The Art of Feminine Creation & How To Serve Your Work As A Divinely Guided Priestess

-Embodying The Voice of Eros- The Sacred Connection Between Oracle and Seductress- She Who Seduces Into Truth, Beauty and Love

-Learn The Secret to Embodying True Power and Authority- The Feminine Way

-Explore Powerful Ceremonies, Invocations and "Words as Love Spells" To Infuse Your Creations With Potency and Magic 

-Receive Direct Feedback From Maya On Your Creations To Hone And Amplify Your Personal Strengths and Brilliance 


-Discover How To Work With Writing on Social Media In Service Of Your Channel


In The Oracle temple you will.....

Small Group Oracle Inner Temple:

- 2 group calls a month, 2 hours each (recorded)
-May, June, July 2024

-3rd and 4th Sundays 11AM PST (Starting May 19)
-1 90 minute private call with Maya may-july
- Access to A private telegram channel for group sharing and micro activations
- Access to a library of inspiration & activations
-698$/Month (payment plans available. Discount for pay in full)
-8 women total, 1 spot available

*Upon registering you'll receive a form to fill out so that Maya can offer you the most personalized strategic support that your creative channel requires at this time*



- 2 hr call with Maya twice a month
-Ongoing intimate support on telegram
-Access to a library of invitations & activations
-CUSTOM DESIGNED guided recordings to support your unique voice 
-1,700/month/ 1 month minimum
-two spaces available  


The 1:1 inner temple is ideal for women who have a project they are already working on or a vision for a creative project they are sitting with and are ready to infuse it with oracular magic and intimate midwifing from Maya.

Upon Acceptance you'll receive a form to fill out so that Maya can offer you the most personalized strategic support that your creative channel requires at this time

Let's nourish your brilliant seed into a garden!

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Become The

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