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Feminine Embodiment is Anarchy

Let me tell you the secret of Woman... I know how to open my body and heart to radically drink in the elixirs of this moment I know how to deeply receive This means I require very little From outside I am not impressed by the hungry ghost By the ladders of success and consumption Give me one taste of the Real and I will want for nothing else I know how to suck the marrow of the moment How to allow the penetration of existence to touch my sacred core... And this is the deepest longing of woman: To be penetrated by the One To take in the Truth, Deep Inside The secret, you see. Is that there is no where that this One is not I can ride one Single Breath Into profound fulfillment For I am the Sacred Erotic Heart The union of passion and innocence I know how to Receive I can take any sensation Into satiation I can savor and taste every ripple and wave as the caress of my Beloved I can commune with the holy light inside Anything. Any time. Any where. I can see and smell and hear and taste I can sense and feel I can take the matter of creation into the portals of perception These holy holes of knowing And I can savor them all the way down It really doesn't matter what is happening. I know how to sink my teeth and suck the juice from Life And because of this I am free. This Feminine wisdom is subversive, dangerous A serious threat to the system Why do you think it was buried underground? You can have your mindfulness. I'll be over here making love to the moment. With my body and my heart With all that I am... Foolishy. Senselessly. Letting existence Ravish me The Feminine is anarchy You see? What can they sell you when you know how to savor One Single Drop Into ecstasy? What can they convince you is missing when you know how to experience fullness? This body and heart were made to make love This body is filled with altars, dripping with the primordial nectar of the Ultimate. All that is required, is this radical yoga... Of wild, passionate, senseless devotion. To open wide and drink in. To feel. To be filled up. This is all I ever wanted and all I'll ever need... To Feel and to be Filled Up. I am woman. This is my most holy and sacred Longing I know how to receive And because of this, I Am FREE Put a mask on my face. Lock me in my house. Take away all my trinkets and distractions. I Really Don't Care You think these things can take away my freedom? Ha. You don't know how deep SHE can go I know the art of making love to the moment I know how to let existence fill me up and baptize me into radiance It is not WHAT is happening You see.... It is all in HOW I receive This is not a state of mind This is the art of making love I know how to turn towards this moment With the hungry passion and desire Of a lover meeting the body of the Beloved And I know how to open my innocent heart To face this Beloved with virginal presence With awe and fascination Feminine Meditation Is Love on Fire It is the drinking down of whatever is around And letting the sacred spark Touch me Deep inside

-Maya Luna


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