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Mother of All

Those Witches they Burned Were Gynecologists Midwife Doula Abortionist Miscarriage Tender Pregnancy Preventer Medicine Carrier Potion Bottle Herb and Womb The Ones who Knew That Secret Incantation The mysteries Of the blood Of Incarnation Body of Woman Most Ancient Temple Original Church The First Place of Worship and Reverence Body of Woman Bridge between Spirit and Matter Pulling Souls Down to Earth Stitching Divine Into Flesh Body of Woman That Swellling of tide that Sheds and Dies Grows and Births Feeds Life and Kills Life Right between Her Thighs Body of Woman Turning cycles with the Moon Endless Throb of Creation Portal between The Two Worlds Is it any wonder? That the witches they burned For tending to this temple Of relentless power And aching divinity Were also devotees of The Goddess? Goddess of Moon Goddess of Snake Goddess of Earth and Dirt Booming your orgasming Birth Screaming Love into Being Singing us all to our Death Radical Realm of Impermanence Incarnation and Immanence Snake Sheds Skin Moon Sheds Skin Womb Sheds Skin All matter sheds skin As it blossoms blooms and Dies Matter which means Mother Mother of Life We have visioned you only In the Light Generous, self sacrificing Face of the Feminine Sweet Gentle Mother Of Yes We have tried to banish your other Face Mother of Death Dark Mother of Destruction Miscarriage Menstruation And even Abortion We forgot A good Mother knows when to say No We forgot how to bow our heads Low To the sacred act Of letting go Body of Woman We fear what you know About Existence But the witches knew The midwives knew How to Anoint That Round Bellied One Who is both Light and Dark Life and Death Who Churns Time Who both Gives and Takes Away They've tried to break our backs To bow For 500 years To worship the idols Of Transcendence To forsake the Sacred Immanent Repent our sins to the Fathers for Forgiveness Who say they are pro life Yet know nothing of The vital mysteries of Creation The Witches knew God was no Man Thats why they had to Burn Body of Woman You are the place they cannot wash out Cannot erase Cannot get clean You are the terrifying reminder Of everything we wish to Forget Body of Woman Sanctuary of Beginnings Fertile Ground of Sacred Endings You are the Whole Truth Of the Nature of Reality You are Holy Darkness Bleeding Into Holy Light Body of Woman Who's power is beyond all power Who's power has been Envied Scorned Hated Vilified Demonized Tortured and Traumatized Body of Woman You are the Soft Pink And Tender Place Where Violence and War Has been waged Where the religion of Unfathomable Love Became the place of Abominable Domination Body of Woman Your body has been made Not your own Body of woman They tried to take the Goddess out of You Witch and Stitch and Potion Herb and Blood and Baptism Body of Woman Bridge between Spirit and Matter Vessel of the Two Worlds Holy Portal of Life and Death Forgive us Mother For we know not what we do -Maya Luna


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