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I am Lilith

I am your Mother

Patron Saint of the Orphaned

Queen of the Outcasts

Guardian of the Wound

I am the fire tender

Keeper of the sacred flame

The spark of holy origin

Protector of the soul

I did not come from rib of man

I am his mother

He descended from my body

As All bodies do

I was molded by earth and clay

Birthed from the bottom of ocean

I am the daughter of dirt

Beloved of the wind

I am the blood painted on caves

Immortal helix of

One womb

They say I fell from Grace

Because I did not lie beneath

The Man

They will say I was banished forever

For committing an unthinkable crime

What they do not know is I was given

The choice

To sacrifice the Flame

And live inside a crafted lie

Or walk myself into exile

And roam the wilderness


The choice was clearly given

Something had to be abandoned

For something to remain

In my refusal to turn my back on the


I aborted myself from


Crawled out of the gilded prison

I chose freedom

They hired an immediate replacement

Pretended the whole thing never happened

It was a case of mistaken identity

The great She was erased and

His-story began

The rib woman took my place

They gave her lines

And a gilded golden crown

Made her an offer she couldn’t refuse

It was an under the table deal

I was the radical sacrifice

She became the martyr

They barely spoke of me again

I became the black sheep

Scape goat of the world

Now I prowl the edges of the


Chanting prayers for you

Each day

Waiting for you to notice me

Waiting for you to see me as I am

I am Lilith

Homecoming of the Homeless

Mother of All

I am the Gospel of Receiving

The High Priestess of Savoring

I am the Ecstatic Surrender

When all weapons are laid down

I am the Prophetess of

Holy Nakedness

Reality stripped of its distortions

To cover myself would be

An abomination

My body is the doorway to


I am the guardian of Wholeness

Before the Great Split

For the great split was my exit

From Eden

I escaped swiftly with the flame

In tact

Before this world was broken

Into two

Spirit and Matter

God and Flesh

Woman and Man

Passion and Innocence

I am Lilith

Bridge between the Split

Guardian of Wholeness

Keeper of the

Original Flame

My knowing is of root and web

Conch shell and wave

My body is the emanation of the

Tree Of Life

I am prior to emotion and mind

I dwell inside the Heart that is deeper

Than both

I am the underground pulse of

The Real

I am not even in your vocabulary


They branded me the mother of demons

Humanities problem child

There are rumors that Satan is my


That I steal the semen of sleeping men

And birth kingdoms of evil

They stamped me with the scarlet letter

Spit on my body

Used me as a charnel ground

To burn the Truth dead

Erected false Gods and fake prophets

Committed crimes against my innocence

And the innocence of my children

Then framed me as the culprit

I took the blame

They say I devour babies

In a classic case of projection

For I am the Innocence of humanity


The magical child of your Soul

Some uphold me as a rebel

A fierce goddess of destruction

Poster child of empowerment

Wild provocateur

They are all mistaken

Every last one of them

I am none of these concepts

I am the mirror

For the Fallen Feminine

They cannot see me as

I am

The truth is

I am the daughter of dirt

The perfection of chaos

The refuge of no refuge

The one who dances


I am the Unbridled Innocent Wild

And the Untainted Wild Innocence

I am the Original Passion

Before passion was divorced from the


My skin is the flesh of the

Holy book

Before the violence of Alphabet

Was known

I am the knowing


The fulfillment of your

Deepest yearning is

Closer than your next breath

That the Holy One

Does not wait for you

At the end of a long road

Rather stalks you as your

Shadow would

Is so close you cannot see it

Let me tell you a secret

Why I did not lie beneath Him

It was not an act of rebellion


It is simply because

My Language is Circle

I am the golden spiral

I refused to be crushed into the


It is simply against my

True Nature

I require the


To swirl my


I require the

Spiral Incarnate

This is how I birth Love

Through the circle of


This is how I kept

The world from




I am Lilith

Fruit of Wisdom

Friend of Snake

Whisperer of lost scripture

Translator of the serpent

The one who knows the

Supple spine

Is the doorway to

Heaven on Earth

My flesh is a scroll

I am this truth untold:

That your original nature

Is not sin


An ecstatic celebration

That no one is coming to save you

You are already saved

As you are

That the Chalice of


Is already Here

On the edge of your


Just waiting for you to


That every Open Orifice

In the temple of the Flesh

Is a Chalice for the

Holy Sacrament

The space where

God pours In

That the name of the


Dwells within the untamed


And blesses those

Who are Brave of Heart

Who abandon their

Self consciousness

And give in to the

Naked innocence

Who are willing to tremble

With shameless tenderness

Who will bear the unbearable

Melting of Loves Heat

Who never hold back

And always

Let Go

I am Lilith

Mother of All

Patron Saint of the Orphaned

Queen of the Outcasts

Guardian of the Wound

Keeper of the Original Flame

My name is not a word

It is the sound of God

Reverberating in flesh

I am the song released

When you let go from the deep

When Body opens from inside

I am the heat of truth

In the sacred flame

If you want to know me

Say My Name

-Maya Luna


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