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The Lost Art of Living

Is it really ascension symptoms?

Or is it just the somatic reality of this wild, brief and holy life.

Are you really suffering?

Or are you just experiencing the sacred sensations of existing in a body.

Of a life that is walking towards Death.

Of riding the blindingly beautiful waves of pleasure and pain

In this bountiful temple of immanence.

The in-dwelling place of the holy.

Endlessly merciful in its abundance.

Inescapable in it's totality.

Are you really asleep?

Or are you embodying the sacred sand mandala of incarnation.

A living breathing realization.

A master of the perfect imperfection.

Dancing on both seed and ash

In the charred and blooming holy ground of density and form.

Is it really a wound that needs to be healed?

Or are you just feeling the raw sensation of being alive.

Of existing in impermanence.

Of being a vast soul, pricked into a body for one brief and sacred moment.

Is this really a condition you need to cure?

Or are you praying at the altar of creation.

Of sacred immanence and holy incarnation.

Flesh drenched in the divine.

Are you caught in an illusion?

Or are you tasting the enlightenment of grief soaked joy only known inside the temporary.

The wisdom born only through attachment.

The reverence that is only revealed


The sacramental fact of ceaseless changing.

Are you in victim consciousness?

Or are you courageously awake to your own powerlessness in the majestic face of existence.

Dancing naked and unprotected in the wild joy and sorrow

Hopelessly interwoven with a love that also decays.

Are you in need of therapy?

Or are you incarnated light piercing the darkness.

Formless vastness broken down into the sacred wound of limitation.

Are you caught in a sinister deception?

Or did your soul pray to come here to get dosed with the medicine of separation?

To dance the impossible-to-master-dance of Self and Other

Are you broken and in need of fixing?

Or are you a walking prayer of paradox in the initiation of incarnation.

Holy Brokenness entwined with Wholly Whole.

Do you really think if you work hard enough you can master yourself or this place?

She wasn't meant to be mastered.

She cannot be controlled.

Don’t you see?

To never conquer is

The blessing

She’s been called:

A demon

A whore

An illusion

A wound

A fallen realm

A seductress

A temptress

A distraction from

The Real

Her true name

Is Mother

And she’s calling you


-Maya Luna


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