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She's Back

She's Back.... And She's not how you thought She would be She's back And She's not going to press you into her Breasts to save you from Herself. She's not going to rock you to sleep. To placate your fear of the untamed wildness of existence. She's back. And she's not aiming to spook you with her intensity. She's not going to accept your projections. That she is dangerous, evil. She's not hiding the pulsing, dripping ache for the Truth anymore. She's back. She no longer is waiting quietly for you to listen. She is spreading herself open before the lie. She is offering the communion of her scent. She is washing out the grey with the naked pink flesh of the vital and true. She is full of blood and honey. She's back. She is baptizing power into innocence. She is gushing into the cracks of the illusions of control. She is about to unravel us all. With the spiraling diamond of one single kiss. She is summoning the Holy Origin. The first pulse of the Real. The one that rests beneath all things. She's back. Her legs are spread. Her heart is open. Her hands are the mudra of emptiness. She's back. She carries no weapons you recognize. She is the soft gaze that crushes even the most rigid of hearts

Into unspeakable tenderness. She is the deep rooted growl of earth meeting womb. Refusing to move. Unafraid and Unashamed. She's back. She is the compassion of destruction. She is melting every delusion. Every lie, every distortion, every false attempt at gain. All sucked back into the place we came from. All melted in the intensity of our longing. She's back. We fear Her

We Desire Her And we want to give in. And we want to remember. Between our addiction to familiar Death. And the unknown Revelation of True Life. She is building a bridge between her thighs. She's back. She is inviting us to gaze at the Holiest of the Unholies. To not look away. To open and receive. She is holding that trembling ruby of untainted love. The blood soaked jewel of Remembrance. Look inside her body. And consent to the knowing of the Heart. She's back.

-Maya Luna


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