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The Art of Fulfillment

Don’t worry about getting your circumstances just right. Life is a spinning tornado of chaos, the path will never be what you think.

Don’t try so hard to manifest all your desires. The process is exhausting and you awaken hungry ghosts.

If you want to know happiness, look no further than this body.

If you want to know fulfillment, you must become available to be astonished and amazed by the simplest things.

Know the path of innocence is the gateway to the heart. That it is simple and easy and available to you always.

Notice the way when you wiggle your toes a tendril of Joy very quietly sprouts inside your chest.

Savor the way water tastes when you are thirsty.

See how on each finger tip is imprinted a whole galaxy of God's unique face.

Notice how this shows you there has never been another you and never will be till the end of time.

See how you can run these finger tips on the edges of your skin and rivers of desire will become instantly fulfilled.

Or the way you can squint your eyes at the sun and watch the majesty of the secret codes of existence dance behind the veils.

You can even take one single breath and watch the body explode in gratitude for living.

You can exhale and disappear into the black eternal womb of life’s fertile emptiness.

You can sing one simple note and ride ecstatic vibrations.

You can ride them till you become one with that Holy sound that birthed this world into existence.

You can say ha ha ha ha ha until your belly becomes a rolling ocean of orgasmic laughter.

You can move your hands very slowly through the elixir of the space around you. You can experience the way this opens a secret door where your body becomes a chalice for pure love.

You can shake wildly and feel all your painful attachments smash to pieces.

You can wrap your arms around yourself and squeeze until you are swallowed by peace.

You can listen for the birds and whistle back at them.

You can smell the 10,000 worlds of this world.

You can become a catapillar and notice the wonder that is only known in tiny places.

All of these portals to joy are freely given. They cost nothing and demand nothing in return. You carry around a temple of fascinating possibilities. Of deep arousal and satisfaction. A mystical umbilical chord with a direct line to God. This instrument is yours. It offers fulfillment to your deepest and most sacred longings. Your dissatisfaction is only a dream. It’s all right here right under your nose.

It really is this simple It really is this easy It is really this innocent This is the path of savoring. This is the art of receiving. This is the way of satisfaction.

-Maya Luna


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