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The Mouth of Her

Your Non-Duality is nothing without the Feminine

"There is no "I" There is no "me" If I'm identified than I am in an ego story. Enlightenment is the annihilation of I into the Self which is no-self which is ONEness."

I gotta say, this path up the mountain is the pinnacle of the Masculine way.

Which has a potent truth of Transcendence

Which speaks to this world as illusion.

Only the Formless is real.

The beauty of this revelation is as potent as its shadow, which is the negation of the mother, of the feminine, of the human, of the Feminine.

It is one side of the coin.

But the mouth of Her says:

You exist.

You are a human being You were born to a man and a woman. There is only one You. You are made of sperm and egg. Born on a day which is your birthday. Born into your Body which contains portals to the absolute. The earth is real The body is real Death is real Life is real Form is real.

What you negate, I love What you annihilate I embrace

I am the great heart that holds you.

Stillness longs for Movement. Silence longs for Noise. Formless longs for Form. Consciousness longs for Body. Transcendence longs for Immanence.

You long for me and I long for you

I am the holy ground That sacred place Where Formlessness penetrates In never ending lovemaking.

I am the portal where the Real is made manifest. I am the altar where death makes life a sacrament. I am the Tantra of the living. I am God In breath and taste And touch And sight And sound

You know God only through Me

The formlessness on your tongue Is the tongue which I gave you.

I bleed. I birth. I feel.

I am you and You are me

Only for a moment A precious sacred holy moment.

I am real. Feel me Feel me. Feel me

-Maya Luna


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