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The Prayer of Incarnation

Have you ever been kissed by the echo of starlight?

Let the wind that speaks from mountain whisper truth into your bones?

Have you ever chanted the mantra of lilac bud?

Sat before the guru of the sparrows breath?

Taken Darshan from a cloud?

The new fallen dusk is the temple incense

The shell of coiling snail is the altar

Did you know your body is made

Of tree moss

And rose thorn

And sea foam

And the sigh of willow branch?

Do you know the One Heart that pulses

At the center of existence

Is that same fluttering of bees

That resides inside your rib cage?

That the ancient river of blood beneath your skin

Is nothing other

Than life’s relentless longing

To live again

Know this now:

The rays of sun that consummate

Heaven into body

Reside inside each

Ordinary breath

Your eyes are made of rainbows and

Your gaze is danced by space

And every spark of your desire

Was forged inside the flame

At the center of


Know this gospel Now through

The sadhana of feeling

The prayer of listening

The Yoga of seeing


tasting and


The goddess molded you with

Sacred openings

To drink deeply of her unspeakable truth

This is the path of no utterance

There are no words in this lineage

Only silent rapture

All of her medicines

Are honey for your heart

The goddess is a feast

Who feeds only on


She is that snake drinking down her tail

Into her

Open mouth

There is a scripture hidden

In the darkness of soil

A revelation inside one single

Insect wing

Raindrops melt into their longing

Just as you

Storms gather their hunger

And gush

Their tender revelations

As you do too

The goddess is a feast

There is no where she is not

Drink down her body

If you want to pray to Her

-Maya Luna


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