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The Scripture of Circle

The Scripture of Circle and Prayer for She

There is no refuge

No destination

No resolution

Only this

Blessed are the fruit of my womb

Blessed are the cycles that have no end

Blessed is the Wound

Blessed is the Hole

Blessed is the space that holds you always

Blessed is the unfinished life

Blessed is the eternal and unchanging

Blessed are we who bear the unbearable

Who carry our cross from first to last breath

And know the relentless mercy of the

Mysterious Other

Known only when we sacrifice our reaching

There is no Refuge

No destination

No resolution

Only This

To you who are the Birther of Samsara

And the doorway to Nirvana

To you whose Love

Is the bridge that flows between them

To you that holds the mirror of perfection

Inside the crack of imperfection

Whose Road leads nowhere and is everywhere

To you whose breast is the refuge of no refuge

To you whose passion dissolves all ignorance

And whose innocence reveals unstained beauty

Enveloped in your Grace

With no where to Go

Around and around

Heart to Ground

Here, I am

-Maya Luna


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